AuraTech Canada Inc. is your professional service solution with more than 30 years of experience in the repair of hearing aids and assistive listening systems.

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AuraTech Canada Inc.

Shipping Information

AuraTech Canada Inc.
968 Milner Avenue
Victoria, BC
V8X 3N4

  • All products and services on this website are available to Canadian Customers Only.
  • When shipping an item to us, please included your full contact information, including your Name, Address and Phone Number. We will contact you by Phone with a full estimate.
  • A minimum charge of $10.00, plus shipping and additional insurance if requested, will be charged for any estimate that is declined. If you do not wish the unit returned, no charges will be applied.
  • Any unit we receive working properly with no faults, will be returned for only the normal shipping charges plus additional insurance if requested.
  • No warranty will be extended on housings/shells, user damageable items and units that have been damaged.  All replaced internal parts will be warranted for 90 days.
  • We reserve the right to return units not repaired that are too old, damaged beyond reasonable repair, or for models for which we cannot obtain parts. If a request for the return of the unit is received the normal shipping charges, plus additional insurance if requested, will be applied. If you do not wish the unit returned, no charges will be applied.
  • We will not be liable for replacement of any item that is lost or damaged during shipping. All items shipped are processed using either ICS Courier or Canada Post Expedited with tracking and signature requirement. All shipments will have the minimum insurance of $100.00 applied unless a higher amount is requested on the repair form. Any additional costs, for a higher insurance requirement to maximum of $1500.00, will be applied to the invoice.