AuraTech Canada Inc. is your professional service solution with more than 30 years of experience in the repair of hearing aids, assistive listening systems and related equipment used in the hearing industry.

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AuraTech Canada Inc.

TV Ears Sales And Service


AuraTech Canada Inc. is the fully authorized TV Ears sales and warranty repair centre for Western Canada. We can provide all service and replacement requirements for all TV Ears Canada products that are under Warranty or out of Warranty. All prices for repairs, shipping and warranty policies are followed as per the TV Ears Canada Website.

MARK VTM - Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaning Unit


AuraTech Canada Inc. is a fully authorized service center for the MARK VTM hearing aid vacuum cleaning unit for Western Canada. In a busy clinic environment it is recommended that you have your unit serviced on a yearly basis to avoid costly repairs.

 MedRx® UltraVac - Hearing Instrument Restoration System

AuraTech Canada Inc. is a fully authorized service center for the MedRx® Ultra Vac hearing instrument restoration system.

Hearing Aid Repair


Many hearing aids can be repaired, regardless of their age. We have thousands of parts in stock for many different brands of In The Ear (ITE) and Canal hearing aids and will try our very best to restore your hearing aid to working condition.

We Specialize in the repair of, In The Ear (ITE) and Canal Hearing Aids that are over 5 years old and no longer under the original manufacturers Warranty or serviceability. If your hearing aid is under 5 years old, we highly recommend you have the original manufacturer repair your hearing aid.